Giving our best to the National Convention Sale 2016
the Kind we breed! - EX-95 & SHE SELLS!!

 Cook Farm Domain Hazel
Cook-Farm Domn Hazie-ET EX-95 EEEE

4-11 267 27075 3.3 887 3.1 829 RIP
Sire: Ronelee Tystory Domain
Dam: Cookiecutter SH Hazel-ET EX-92-2E
Next 6 dams VG & EX and back to Dellia!
UPDATE: Last Test: 110 lbs and checked Pregnant!

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Cookiecutter SH Hazel
Cookiecutter SH Hazel-ET EX-92-2E

5-09 365 38050 3.9 1499 3.1 1181
Sire: Picston Shottle-ET
Dam: MS Kings-Rnsm Champ Haley-ET EX-90 GMD DOM
Back to Dellia EX-95-2E!

Be sure to BID LAST on
Thursday, June 30, 2016 * 7:00 P.M. Saratoga, NY

   Cook Farm was purchased in 1909 by Joseph Cook. It has been handed down through three generations. The farm is currently run by Gordon Jr. and Gordon III (Hank), with the 5th generation of Cook 'farmers', living on the farm. Cook Farm is proud to have won Premier Breeder for 18 consecutive years at the Massachusetts State Show. Our strongest family, the Fayvor family. is one of the best in the breed for high protein and butterfat tests. 

Our Flayvors Restaurant which opened in September 1998 has continued to expand it's menu and product line while maintaining our emphasis on quality.  We now make ice cream with Fair Trade ingredients as well!

 Travel through our web site and see our cows and our restaurant, or better yet, plan to stop by to see them in person. Print out the hours and directions to our farm and restaurant.

We have hutches in the front of our farm.  We've been asked about the calves in those hutches, so we'd like to explain....those calves are the future of Cook Farm.  They are hand fed and well cared for until they are big enough and strong enough to handle a group situation.   At that time, they are carefully introduced into small group settings. 

Cook Farm: 1 E. Hadley Rd. Hadley, MA 01035 
cell:413-447-1461, House:586-8785, Restaurant:584-2224 FAX: 586-6770
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