Cook Farm: 1 E. Hadley Rd.
Hadley, MA 01035 
House: 413-586-8785: Cell: 447-1461
Restaurant: 584-2224 FAX: 586-6770

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Sale Opportunities:


Embryos Available: 

  • Cook Farm Gibson Fairytale EX 93-

                We have nine #1 Jasper Embryos from Fairytale for sale.

  • Cook Farm Encore Dazz EX 91-

                 We have seven #1 Fortune Embryos from Dazz for sale.

  • Other embryos available.  Call or email for information.


Embryo information updated 3/26/08.

Bulls Available: 

Several bulls from our leading families.  Call with inquiries.  (413) 447-1461 Gordie Cook

Cattle & embryos are available all the time. Contact us with your
 interest in any of the animals on our site.